Task Factory
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Contains 65+ tasks, connection managers, sources and Destinations for SSIS. You can compare editions here. Task Factory does not require a license while you're running packages in Visual Studio.


Gain a Higher Level of Performance with Task Factory

Improve package performance and realize time saving benefits with these components in Task Factory.

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    Upsert Destination helps synchronize two systems, no matter the source or destination, to conditionally insert or update data into a table. Many companies struggle with the development of loading procedures that determine whether the row is new or to be updated. Upsert Destination reads the rows coming into the data flow and detects if the row should be inserted or updated. This saves the developer a long development cycle and could save up to 90% on each execution of an SSIS package.

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    Dimension Merge SCD is a powerful replacement for the native slowly changing dimension (SCD) wizard in SSIS. This component includes a much more in depth interface than the standard SCD wizard and does not need the OLE DB Command transform. The component loads the data in memory for a much faster response and scalability. Experience a dimension load of up to 700 times faster than native SSIS SCD components.

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    Fact Table Destination can greatly reduce development time for SSIS packages with multiple dimension lookups. With Fact Table Destination, developers can now perform these lookups and insert data into a fact table within a single UI.

    Additionally, users can choose between insert and update actions for the fact table, configure table join conditions to dimension tables from their source data, create column aliases for multiple lookups on the same dimension, and define a default value to prevent NULLS from being added. Advanced features like ranged lookups are also supported. Save hours off your fact table load with this batch process.

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    Advanced Lookup Transform is an SSIS component that supports all the functionality of the native lookup, but allows for easier use of range lookups, as well as supporting non-equality lookups without writing a query. One of the biggest features of our Expression Engine is the use of disconnected lookups. With disconnected lookups, you can create a cache and then use that cache across multiple component instances. For instance, you can cache the product table once and then while using an Advanced Conditional Split, lookup the Product Name from the Cache without being connected to the lookup.

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    Update Batch Transform is an SSIS component that will, very quickly, update rows in a table in a batch as they move through the data flow to a separate destination.

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    Oracle Upsert Destination will allow users to easily insert and update data into an Oracle table within their SSIS package. Oracle Upsert destination will perform a conditional insert or update into a table in an Oracle database with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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    Delete Batch Transform is an SSIS component that allows you to easily and quickly delete data in a table, without writing any SQL statements, and then continue on with the other tasks in the data flow.