Private Training

Pragmatic Works private training engagements give you the ability to offer any of our On-Demand courses to your team as a private event. You can choose any course from our extensive library of 40+ courses covering Business Intelligence, Analytics, Power BI, Azure and more that best fits the needs of your team.

How It Works

We give you the option of sending one of our top-notch trainers to your facility, offering the training at our Jacksonville, FL location or virtually. With all our training opportunities, we focus on learning with a purpose. That means rather than training to help pass a test, we teach your team how to be more effective at their job.

Can We Use Our Own Data?

This always sounds like a great idea until it gets implemented. We highly recommend using the data we’ve designed for the class for a couple reasons:

1. We’ve designed datasets that can fully show you the capabilities of the tools we teach. If we use your data, there’s a good chance we will not be able to show a part of the tool because your data doesn’t support it.

2. It can be too costly to pay for the additional time to retrofit our training on a company’s dataset.

As an alternative to teaching the class on your data we often implement a “Make it Real” time to the class where the students will have time to implement what they’ve learned in the class on their own data with the help of the onsite instructor.

Can Courses Be Customized?

Yes, we allow for limited customizations to be made to a course outline. That means we can easily remove topics that are not applicable to your company and replace them with others if the added content comes from a course we’ve already developed. For example, if after reviewing our outline you discover that 2 of the 12 topics we cover in a course do not apply to you, depending on the duration of those 2 topics, they could potentially be replaced with different subjects from another course. Again, this depends on the duration of those topics; meaning we cannot replace a 15-minute topic with a 2-hour topic.

How Long are the Courses?

Typically training courses are anywhere between 1 and 4 days, but the duration can vary depending on the course selected, if you would like time for labs, or if you would like to take out topics that do not apply to your company. For example, we can teach the same number of topics in 4 days that we also teach in 2 days if we remove time for hands on labs, although we highly recommend keeping hands-on labs.

Where are the Courses Delivered?

We have 3 options for the location that we train are customers. We can train on-site at your office, at our location in Jacksonville, FL or virtually. The material is taught the exact same way regardless of the location, but you should note that there is additional T&L cost for delivering training on-site at your office.

Articles & Tutorials

Nonprofit Medical Research Group Performs Self-Service BI through On-Demand Training

A large nonprofit medical research group needed a more efficient, all-encompassing, solution to arm business users with in order to effectively analyze data without IT involvement. As there was already a familiarity with Microsoft Excel within the various Business Analyst teams across the organization, Microsoft’s Power BI was selected as the solution to perform instantaneous, ad-hoc analysis, significantly reducing reporting requests made to IT. They relied on Pragmatic Works’ unique blend of classroom training, and On-Demand Training capabilities to sharpen the skills of it’s over 800 users in order to fully leverage the new Self-Service BI platform. Read More.

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Building a Career with Microsoft BI
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