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Announcing Our New Course - Data Modeling!

Announcing Our New Course - Data Modeling!

2017-Training-Banner.pngWe are excited to announce our new course – Data Modeling! This course is designed for individuals who are in the process of designing new databases, particularly transactional databases and data warehouse systems. This six and a half hour course will guide you on the best methods and practices for creating proper data models.

Through the process of learning dimensional model design we’ll also dig deeper into more complex concepts like degenerate, junk, and role-playing dimensions. You’ll also learn how to design the different variations of Fact tables including: transactional, periodic, and accumulating snapshot.

If your business requires more complex relationships like many-to-many or parent-child relationships, this course will guide you through the process of solving these problems as well. We’ll also cover how to talk with the business, explain the business process and how to translate the business process into a dimensional design.

This course is taught by one of our experts on data modeling, Mitchell Pearson. If data modeling is new to you or maybe you’re self-taught and need to affirm the concepts you’re implementing are correct, then this course is for you.

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