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BI Platform Architecture, Development and Administration

BI Platform Architecture, Development and Administration

michael fWhat do you know about consumption-based architecture? This refined approach to data analytics has been implemented with some of our clients to help them meet their organizational needs. In a recent webinar, BI Platform Architecture, Development and Admin, Michael French shows how to utilize this architecture for your business.

This webinar covers an intermediate level of the topic and assumes knowledge of data warehousing concepts. Consumption-based architecture not a new concept and is not a replacement for architectures out there today like Kimball, Inmon, Federated, etc. It’s more about creating patterns and designs that focus on putting the data in the hands of the users by leveraging existing architectures.

We really want to give our users a single source of the truth. We want them to go to one place to get all their data - that’s the common goal in enterprise data solutions. The problem is not all the data resides in one place, especially with big data, more tech savvy users, the vast amount of data resources available… you can really get data from anywhere.

The architecture discussed here promotes self service by leveraging data assets you already have and increasing your business’ consumable data based on both need and data readiness. This is not a data dump but more about getting good data to the right business people at the right time.

One of the main goals of this architecture is to move data as needed and transform it as little as possible, only when needed. It helps you keep up with face paced business.

If you’d like to learn more about this consumption-based architecture, including topics like visualization tools and implementation tiers, click here to view this one-hour webinar. If you’d like to see the slides from this presentation, click here. Visit our website for a schedule of upcoming weekly free webinars, that happen every Tuesday at 11 EST.  

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