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Building a Predictive Model with R in SQL Server Machine Learning Services

Building a Predictive Model with R in SQL Server Machine Learning Services

with Bob RubockiAre you looking to learn more about R and Python integration with SQL Server? In a recent webinar, Bob Rubocki, a Practice Manager & BI Architect with Pragmatic Works, gives an overview of R and Python and how to integrate those with SQL Server.

Bob also discusses the difference between R and Python, which are both open source so offer continuously new and updated packages. He’ll also answer the question, which one should I use?

From here, the webinar will get into why you should use SQL Server Machine Learning Services such as integrating analytics into apps and keep data close to the R/Python process to reduce latency. The session also includes information on using Machine Learning Services with Azure SQL Database.

Also covered is the development experience from the tools used to the development and deployment pattern. Lastly, the session includes a demonstration of how to build and execute a predictive model with R in SQL Server.

This free, one-hour session is jam packed with great information and will take your from start to finish if you’re interested in how to build a predictive model with R in SQL Server Machine Learning Services. Watch the complete webinar below. If you’d like to view or follow along with the slides from the presenter, click here.

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