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Building Your First Model-driven Application in PowerApps

Building Your First Model-driven Application in PowerApps

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Need help building your first model-driven application in PowerApps? In a recent webinar, Brian Knight, shows you step by step how to store data into Common Data Services and build an easy to use application using PowerApps to compliment or replace your existing paperwork process.

Are you dealing with mountains of paperwork? That’s what PowerApps can help with. This webinar will show you how to fix that mountain of paperwork and convert it into internal applications for your organization to use to increase accountability and add automation to make your life easier.

If you already have Office 365 subscription, you probably have access to PowerApps for Office which is the base plan that allows you to do Canvas applications. Canvas Apps give you pixel perfect control of the application which works on any device and you have WYSIWYG development. And you can go up a level with Plan 1 which gives you access to premium connectors such as Salesforce.

However, the focus of this webinar is on Model-driven applications, which you’ll need a Plan 2 to utilize. (If you want to learn more about Canvas Apps vs Model-driven Apps, click here.) There are many great things you can do with Model-driven apps which will feel like APEX or Dynamics apps.

Brian begins by discussing the advantages of using PowerApps like easy authoring, cloud and on-premises connectivity and the ability to share applications cross platform. He also delves into what Common Data Services is and what it can do for us; all the tools in the Power Platform (Power BI, PowerApps and Flow) all interact with Common Data Services. PowerApps specifically interacts with Common Data Services for Apps; this gives you access to an in-place database.  

Other topics covered are:

  • Business Process Flow
  • Server-side Logic
  • Model-driven application components (or vocabulary to know)

Much of this webinar is a step by step demo taking you through how to build your first model-driven application in PowerApps. You can watch the complete webinar below and to view Brian’s slides from the presentation, click here.


Don’t have the budget to hire a full-time developer for your business? Or in many cases, you really don’t need a full-time developer, but you would love to build some PowerApps and replace some paper operations. At Pragmatic Works, we have an offering called Shared Development, where we can give you a developer on-demand at a fraction of what you would pay for a full-time developer.

We can set you up with new expert development time, for a week or each month or a year, whatever your need may be, with the same developer plus 8-hours of support on-demand. Click the link below or contact us to learn more about this incredible offering. We can help you gain the benefits of using PowerApps, or the complete Power Platform, in your organization – just give us a call, we’d love to help!


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