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Clean Up Your Client Address Database

Clean Up Your Client Address Database

One of the most valuable assets to your company is your customer database. Do you know that bad data in your client addresses can cost you thousands of dollars each year? In a recent webinar, Software Engineer, Philip de la Cal, discussed how to de-duplicate your data using Task Factory’s USPS Address Verification.

De-duplicating gets us more accurate data. Let’s say your database has multiple entries for California (CA, Cali, or written out as California). If you’re looking for data on sales state by state, for example, you’re going to get back some confusing or overestimated results.

Another important aspect of USPS Address Verification helps you go through your company list and cleanse and standardize all your addresses, to keep from sending data to inaccurate addresses or to customers that don’t exist. This will save your business time, effort, and most importantly, money.


In Philip’s demo, he uses data to take you through the steps of Address Parse Transform, Address Verification Transform and Fuzzy Grouping to de-duplicate, cleanse and verify addresses. After going through this process, you’ll be able to move towards an MDM (Master Data Management) system that will be the path to true and accurate data. And you can send that data to your CRM or web system.

Watch the demo to learn more about how the Verification Tool and USPS Database within Task Factory will help you to clean up your customer database and save you money. Or read more about USPS Address Verification here. You can also to learn more about this feature and the other 60+ components that will simplify your life with SSIS by visiting pragmaticworks.com or download a free trial of Task Factory to try it out for yourself. 

Pragmatic Works offers free training webinars every Tuesday at 11 EST. Check out the upcoming schedule and enroll on our website. 

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