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Copilot in Microsoft Word: Course Preview

Copilot in Microsoft Word: Course Preview

We are thrilled to introduce our latest course offering led by Devin Knight, titled "Copilot in Microsoft Word," a unique addition to our Pragmatic Works' on-demand learning platform. This courses is designed to elevate the user experience in document creation and management. Learn to harness the capabilities of Copilot, a powerful tool now integrated into Microsoft Word, to enhance productivity and streamline workflows.


Course Introduction

Devin begins by expressing excitement about the new course, "Copilot in Microsoft Word," which marks a significant expansion of Pragmatic Works' educational content. Unlike traditional Microsoft Word classes, this course introduces a fresh perspective by incorporating Copilot into the learning curriculum. Copilot, similar to technologies like ChatGPT, is designed to simplify and optimize the document creation process within Microsoft Word.

Course Objectives

The course is structured to provide a comprehensive understanding of how Copilot can transform the way users interact with Microsoft Word. Key objectives include:

  • Creating New Documents: Participants will learn how to leverage Copilot for generating new documents efficiently, bypassing the initial hurdles of document setup and content planning.
  • Summarizing Documents: The course will teach users how to utilize Copilot to summarize extensive documents quickly, extracting essential information without the need to read through every detail manually.
  • Extracting Key Information: Attendees will discover how to identify and extract significant data from documents, a skill particularly useful for analyzing and organizing content.
  • Converting Text to Tables: A practical session will guide users on converting selected document sections into tables, enhancing data presentation and readability.
  • Identifying Specific References: The course also covers how to use Copilot to find specific references within a document, such as how often a particular name or term appears, streamlining the review process for lengthy documents.

Target Audience

This course is designed for individuals looking to improve their efficiency and productivity in document management. Whether you are a novice seeking to learn the basics of Microsoft Word or an experienced user aiming to enhance your skills with Copilot, this course offers valuable insights and techniques to elevate your document handling capabilities.

Additional Offerings

Beyond the initial focus on Microsoft Word, Pragmatic Works plans to introduce further courses centered around Copilot. These additional classes will delve deeper into the functionalities and benefits of Copilot across various applications, providing learners with a broader understanding of how this tool can be applied in different contexts.


Devin is very excited about the potential impact of the "Copilot in Microsoft Word" course on participants' proficiency with document creation and management. Emphasizing the ease and efficiency that Copilot brings to Microsoft Word, the course promises to offer a solid foundation in utilizing this innovative tool. Attendees are encouraged to explore this course as a stepping-stone to mastering Copilot and to look forward to future offerings that will further enhance their skills.

Pragmatic Works' commitment to providing cutting-edge educational content is evident in the introduction of this course. By focusing on practical applications and real-world utility, "Copilot in Microsoft Word" stands out as an essential resource for anyone looking to optimize their document-related tasks. The company looks forward to welcoming participants to this exciting new course and to fostering a community of proficient Copilot users.

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