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April Employee Spotlight on Nick Slevoski

April Employee Spotlight on Nick Slevoski

Pragmatic Works believes that our employees are the key to our success. Our staff is made up of many extremely talented professionals who deserve to have their achievements and hard work recognized. Each month, we feature one of our stellar employees that often goes above and beyond the call of duty as a small way of saying thank you. This month we're highlighting Nick Slevoski, who is part of our amazing sales team. 

All About Nick:

Nick Slevoski

Nick is the New England Account Manager for Pragmatic Works. He lives in the Boston area and is the eldest of three. Since starting with the company in 2012, Nick continually goes above and beyond the call of duty. You can often find him assisting customers with their needs or mentoring others on the Pragmatic Works' sales team. Below are some awesome things his peers had to say:

“Mentoring others on the team is not in his job description but that doesn’t matter to Nick,he puts in extra effort to coach and support his peers. I was out of the office one day recently and one of the newer members of the team needed some coaching to close a deal. Nick stepped in unprompted and provided the support necessary to help get it done. As a result I see this newer hire look to Nick for guidance and tips which is the team culture/mentoring culture we want here.”

“In sales revenue numbers are king and each team member carries monthly and quarterly quotas for each of our 3 lines of business: Services, Software and Training. Surpassing quota on all three fronts over an extended period of time is a great achievement and testament to Nicks focus and drive: Over all of q1 Nick has achieved 111% of SW Quota, 140% of Training quota and 330% of consulting quota. These are WOW results.”

“He works really hard & diligently everyday that he comes into the office. Not only does he juggle maintaining his client relationships but also maintains a close relationship with several of the Microsoft reps on a daily basis. Between all of his phone calls,emails, meetings, and on-site visits - Nick is always willing to help others within the office and completely exemplifies what it means to be a an employee of Pragmatic Works. He's also weird.”

“Since the day that I began working at Pragmatic Works, Nick has been an invaluable resource to me and my career here at Pragmatic Works. His experience and willingness to share it with others that request his help is a resource that every company needs. Nick closes some high level opportunities and works very hard. He never rubs his wins, no matter how big, in any other salesperson's face. Ever sales team needs a Nick Slevoski.”

Awards & Achievements:

-2012 Consulting Rookie of the Year

-2014 Pragmatic Works' Culture All-Star

-March 2015 Pragmatic Works' Deliver Wow Award

Nick Fun Facts:

Nick WWE Belt

1. He's a very picky eater. He often orders from the kids' menu during client lunches.

2. Everyone knows who Keith Richards is... except for Nick.

3. Received a scholarship to play college baseball from the University of Massachusetts.

4. Nick loves cruising in the slow lane on the highway.

5. While cruising, he mellows out to the easy listening radio station.


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