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Event Driven ELT

Event Driven ELT


Want to learn more about event driven ELT? Extract, Load, Transform (ELT) is a process where data is extracted for the source, then loaded into a staging table in the database, transforming it where it sits in the database and then loading it into the target database or data warehouse. In a recent webinar, Principal Consultant Michael French, gives a practical demonstration of how to move data from Azure Blob Storage to an Azure SQL Database using Azure Data Factory and Logic Apps.

The webinar begins with a comparison of traditional data architecture for BI programs and Azure Data architecture for BI programs, as well as the benefits of migrating to Azure. Michael will also go over the Azure cloud tools used to do an Azure data architecture such as Logic Apps, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Data Factory, Databricks, Cosmos DB and more. He also delves into development tools such as Visual Studio Python Project, Visual Studio Azure Data Warehouse Project and GIT Hub.

The life of a file will be discussed and answer the question many may have, how do I function without SSIS?

The remainder of the webinar will be a live demo of event driven ELT and show the code in action. This presentation and demo are built from Pragmatic Works’ consultants practical experience. If you’d like to learn more about event driven ELT in Azure, this webinar is for you. Watch the complete webinar below or to view the presentation slides, click here.



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