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How to Create an Inspection App in Power Apps

How to Create an Inspection App in Power Apps
powerappslogoSometimes when developing an application there can be very specific requirements that we need to build into it, which can be a bit tricky to solve. In this post I'll show you how to build an inspection app, which not only has specific requirements, but also needs to be dynamic when using it for different types of inspections. 

In this video, I’ll focus on an inspection app for a fire department and the code I use to solve some of their complex issues. You will see how to translate some much-needed business requirements into Power Apps and how I made a vehicle inspection application with a dynamic list of questions based on categories or the type of vehicle (a fire truck vs an ambulance for example).

One requirement was to make this optimized for use on a phone. Other requirements included daily inspection on vehicles they had in their fleet, pause/resume button for inspections already in progress, and the transfer of notes from one inspection to the next.

My goal was to make this a simple application for a user’s perspective which sometimes makes it harder to develop. If you want to see a more in-depth view on how to translate some much-needed business requirements into Power Apps, watch my video/demo below.

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