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How to Implement Successful BI Solutions

How to Implement Successful BI Solutions

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Maybe you’re in the process of creating a BI, data warehouse or data platform solution for your business. Or maybe you’ve hit a roadblock or are halfway there, but need help with implementation.

Pragmatic Works is here to help you every step of the way. We’ve delivered solutions to over 7,000 customers, and through the process, we’ve learned some major lessons that will keep you on track as you implement BI projects for your business.

1.  Focus on adoption.

No project that you build is worth anything if the users don’t use it. We call this the “adoption point” - the point where someone goes from “OK, I’ll use this” to “When can I have that – I need that right away!”

2.  When you design and build, be sure to do it iteratively.

Release functionality in batches so your users can get used to using the product, and you can understand and deliver on requirements in iterative chunks. This will allow better conversations about what you are developing and delivering.

3. Involve stakeholders all the way through the process.

If you’re not meeting weekly, or bi-weekly, with the key stakeholders, then you are not having enough communication. Communication is critical in the process and is crucial to your success.

Other important factors to success include: identifying the decision makers on the project; having teams work with each other, not in separate groups; and having a clear leader for the project to drive the efforts of the teams, so your project doesn’t lack direction or priority.

Pragmatic Works has always been all about agile data warehousing and BI development. We understand what it takes to be successful with these types of projects. That’s why 97% of Fortune 100 companies trust us with their data warehouse, BI and data platform solutions.

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