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Introducing Our New Course - Introduction to Azure Logic Apps

Introducing Our New Course - Introduction to Azure Logic Apps

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Pragmatic Works is excited to announce our new course, Introduction to Logic Apps, which will review all the different capabilities that Logic Apps can provide you within the Azure service. This class is designed for the business user, as well as the IT professional working in Azure.

As a business user, you can use Logic Apps to do things like sentiment analysis, or live streaming data sets to Power BI. As an IT professional, you can use Logic Apps to build automated workflows and integrate different resources together, including on-prem resources. This is a beginner level course and is designed for those with limited, or even no experience with Azure.

Azure Logic Apps are great because you can build automatic workflows, allowing you to automate important, but routine tasks so that you can focus on more mission critical issues. Azure Logic Apps will also play an important role when it comes time to extend the capabilities of current Azure resources.

This course will provide you with a full end-to-end view of Azure Logic Apps. We start with the very basics, and by the end of this course you will learn how to do sentiment analysis and live streaming data sets to Power BI. We will also cover topics like Logic Apps administration and billing.

The key take-aways from this course are learning to build integrated workflows and how you can seamlessly integrate different services together and extend the capabilities of current Azure resources using Azure Logic Apps. 

If you're looking to learn all about Azure Logic Apps, this course is for you! Our On-Demand Training Platform has over 10 Power BI courses, plus over 40 other courses covering Business Intelligence, Big Data, Azure and more, all taught by industry experts at your own pace. To enroll in Introduction to Logic Apps or any of our courses, visit our website or click the link below for your free trial.

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