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Introduction to PowerApps

Introduction to PowerApps

DevinKbanner (2)Line of Business Applications are an integral part of business today. If you’re not clear on what these are, unlike a consumer application that you can buy from any vendor on the internet,  line of business (LOB) applications are generally built to be industry specific, health insurance or construction for instance, and are built to serve a particular business need within an organization, like processing a customer transaction, and will often integrate with other systems you have to perform these operations.

Here’s the problem; there are challenges to developing and maintaining LOB applications such as the lack of ability to keep up with your organization’s need for change and they’re generally not mobile friendly.

Luckily, there is the Microsoft Power Platform which is a set of tools designed for rapid application development including PowerApps, Microsoft Flow and Power BI.

In a recent webinar, hosted by Devin Knight, he focused on PowerApps, which is a set of services and apps that allow for rapid application development. The platform was developed by Microsoft with the goal to make building line of business (LOB) applications a more efficient process. What really makes PowerApps special is that it uses a concept called “no-code” or “low-code” coding, which requires little to no coding, in the traditional sense, to get an application up and running.

So PowerApps is not just for the professional developer. Plus, apps that are developed are accessible from your desktop, tablet or mobile device and are easily managed and shared within your organization. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to create your first application using PowerApps and see how this business-friendly way of quickly creating applications – with click, not code – can integrate with the Microsoft Power BI and Flow platforms for visualizing and moving data.  

Find all our Power Apps videos in the archive on our website. 

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