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Join our FREE Power Virtual Agents (Chatbot) Conference on August 27th

Join our FREE Power Virtual Agents (Chatbot) Conference on August 27th

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I’m excited to introduce our new conference series called Learn with the Nerds, where we’ll offer free virtual conferences covering data analytics topics!

Our first free conference in this series is coming on August 27th. In this one-day event we’ll cover the newest addition to Microsoft’s Power Platform called Power Virtual Agents. This training event is based on a Microsoft course called Power Virtual Agents in a Day which will teach you all about building, maintaining, and using intelligent chatbots, all with no code involved.

This is a hands-on event so be prepared to use your laptop to click along and walk through different examples with us. A couple prerequisites are below so can sign up for a trial of Power Virtual Agents and you’ll be all set up to take the course:


We’ll have a lot of fun learning how to build your own chatbots even without being a developer. You’ll learn the skills needed to define and modify your own chatbot, then have a developer integrate it into your website or application.

So, if you want to learn how to build chatbots, this free conference is for you! Mark your calendar for August 27th and come join us for this fun, FREE 1-day Power Virtual Agents in a Day training event! Click below to register – come Learn with the Nerds!


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