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Kill Manual Processes with PowerApps

Kill Manual Processes with PowerApps

with Brian Knight

How do you eliminate that pile of paperwork? How can we digitally transform business processes and workflows and kill all this manual paperwork? You can do just that with PowerApps, and in a recent webinar, Brian Knight shows you how to convert common paper or electronic forms into a PowerApp with workflows and better accountability.

PowerApps allow you to build internal applications to help you and your environment. Microsoft Flow integrates approvals and workflows. This webinar is mainly a demo that focuses on these technologies. The demo will show you how to build a Canvas App. Canvas Apps help business power users to create and use custom business apps across platforms using Excel and Power Point skills (no coding needed).

It allows you to build applications in just a few hours or, in this demo, about 40 minutes! It allow us to connect hundreds of data sources on the web and apps can be used on any device. You’ll have easy authoring with a web-based WYSIWYG editor and create app logic with familiar Excel-like expressions.

Power Apps and Microsoft Flow contain over 250 connectors for cloud and on premise connectivity and they’re adding more connectivity all the time. After you build an application it’s available across all platforms.

Microsoft Flow is a service for automating workflows across apps and services. It also allows you to run stored procedures and use Power Query to transform data. In this demo, Brian will show you how to use Flow for approvals.

Watch the complete webinar and demo below. Brian’s demo will give you a full run down of how to create your first PowerApp and how to integrate Microsoft Flow.

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