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Let On-Demand Training Help You on Your BI Career Journey

Let On-Demand Training Help You on Your BI Career Journey

ODT Infographic Snip.pngAre you interested in working in the increasingly growing field of Business Intelligence? Or are you already working in the data world, but want to advance your skills or position? No matter what field you work in, personal and professional development are essential to a long, prosperous career. Finding the right training can be a challenge with the variety of platforms available.

Recently, Ken Wood, Learning Development Manager at Pragmatic Works, had the pleasure of meeting one of our consultants, Andie Letourneau, and asked her about her experience with our On-Demand Training. Andie had been working with SQL Server for over 20 years as a database administrator and in development and customization of databases, but had a strong interest in BI. 

Andie wanted to learn more about BI to qualify for more advanced BI roles. Her job did not provide the opportunity to work much with BI, so she needed a way to learn more about it on her own. Andie’s motivation to learn and advance led her to go to conferences like SQL PASS Summit and SQL Rally, as well as use various training materials.

Once Andie was introduced to On-Demand Training through an interview with Pragmatic Works, she went at it with gusto! Andie found that other training platforms she’d used taught the material needed to pass an exam. Our training taught the topic in-depth and more importantly, gave real-world examples so she could see how the tools are used in organizations.

Pragmatic Works On-Demand Training platform is the best in the business. We offer 30+ courses in Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, Big Data, SQL Server Optimization and more. Our training gives you the ability to learn from industry experts at your own pace, and our Interactive Learning Path guides you to the courses you should take. So, if you’re just starting out, or looking to advance your skills in the data world, our On-Demand Training is just what you need for your professional development. 

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