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Let's Build a Power App Session 4

Let's Build a Power App Session 4

Power App Session 4

It’s time for another session of building our check-in Power App for my former school.  This is now session 4 of our series. If you are interested in all of the ins and outs of what got us to this point and you want to build the app from the beginning check out these three videos first.

Let's Build a Power App | Session 1
Let's Build a Power App | Session 2
Let's Build a Power App | Session 3

In the third session, we learned how to search our data with an input text box, insert locally saved images and have the height of an object changed based on another object’s height.

For this session, we will sort our search results, add a new screen with the locations of our students, and delete records.  For deleting records we are going to go above and beyond a normal delete and discuss popup confirmation boxes in an app. Sure it takes more time in the design, but you as the app developer will be grateful you took this extra time. 

Below is a more detailed list of items we will be covering:

  1. Sort our student records by grade and name
  2. Make a new screen
  3. Add a button that will take us to our second screen
  4. Insert a gallery to show student locations
  5. Filter our gallery to only show the student we are interested in from our first screen
  6. Make a popup screen that only shows based on another button.  This will be our “Are you sure you want to delete this record?” confirmation.
  7. Add a button to a popup screen that allows for deleting a record
  8. Use the UpdateContext function to define a local variable

The goal of these next few blogs and videos is to build an app, but not do it too quickly.  I want to let the information soak in one week at a time without overwhelming anyone.  If you think the videos cover too much or not enough material for one session please email me at mpeterson@pragmaticworks.com so I can modify the future sessions or leave a comment below the video.

Enjoy and have fun!  

DEMO | Let's Build an App | Session 4

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