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Loading Opportunities into HubSpot as Deals (Part 3)

Loading Opportunities into HubSpot as Deals (Part 3)

In the third part of the Power Automate and HubSpot Integration Series, Devin Knight  focuses is on how to effectively load opportunities from Dynamics into HubSpot as deals. This segment addresses shortcomings found in HubSpot's built-in integration tool and offers a custom integration solution using Power Automate.

  1. Setting Up Power Automate Flow:

    • Start by creating a basic Power Automate flow, named "Migrate Dynamics Opportunities into HubSpot Deals".
    • The goal is to link Dynamics' opportunities with HubSpot to track marketing campaign effectiveness and sales correlation.
  2. Connecting Dynamics to HubSpot:

    • Utilize Dynamics to detect new or modified opportunities.
    • The flow is triggered when a row is added, modified, or deleted in Microsoft Dataverse.
    • Focus on the 'Opportunities' table and set the scope to organization level.
  3. Capturing and Sending Contact Information:

    • Add an action to retrieve a row by ID, focusing on the 'Contacts' table.
    • The aim is to capture and send contact information associated with an opportunity to HubSpot, especially for new contacts not existing in HubSpot.
  4. Checking for Existing Contacts in HubSpot:

    • Implement an HTTP action to search for existing contacts in HubSpot based on email addresses.
    • This step uses the HubSpot API to filter and identify if the contact already exists in HubSpot.
  5. Conditionally Creating Contacts and Deals:

    • Add a condition to determine if a contact exists in HubSpot.
    • If no contact is found (total = 0), create a new one in HubSpot.
    • If a contact exists, proceed to create a deal and associate it with the found contact.
  6. Creating Contacts and Deals in HubSpot:

    • Use pre-created actions to create new contacts in HubSpot when they don’t exist.
    • For existing contacts, create deals and associate them using HubSpot’s API.
  7. Managing Potential Issues and Refreshes:

    • Address occasional Power Automate refresh issues, ensuring all steps and conditions are correctly configured.
    • Emphasize on saving work periodically to avoid data loss.
  8. Finalizing the Integration Process:

    • Ensure that, whether a contact exists or is newly created, a corresponding deal is always created in HubSpot.
    • The process involves intricate steps of associating contacts with deals and passing relevant information between Dynamics and HubSpot.

This tutorial underscores the versatility of Power Automate in customizing integrations between Dynamics and HubSpot. It illustrates a detailed method to synchronize opportunities with deals, enhancing the understanding of marketing effectiveness and sales data correlation. The integration not only addresses the limitations of HubSpot's native tool but also opens up possibilities for more tailored solutions using Power Automate and HubSpot's APIs.

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