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Microsoft 365 Chat and Copilot Integration

Microsoft 365 Chat and Copilot Integration

Brian Knight from Pragmatic Works introduces the latest features of Microsoft 365 Chat, which now integrates with Copilot, in this video tutorial. This innovative feature aims to unify the Office suite into a single, cohesive question-and-answer session.


Key Features of Microsoft 365 Chat

  • Integration with Office Suite: Microsoft 365 Chat stitches together various components of the Office suite, allowing for a seamless interaction with files, meetings, PowerPoints, and more.
  • Accessing the Chat: Users can access the Copilot feature by visiting Microsoft365.com. It appears as a new tile and can also be added as a Teams app in both new and old versions.
  • Interactive Prompts: The interface includes a list of prompts, with an option to view additional prompts or enter custom queries.

Utilizing Microsoft 365 Chat for Efficient Workflow

  • Meeting Management: For instance, Brian demonstrates how to view upcoming meetings with a specific person, like Ben Evans, by simply typing a query. The system combs through the Outlook calendar to provide relevant meeting details.
  • Deep Dive into Past Meetings: If meetings were recorded, Microsoft 365 Chat can provide detailed insights such as action items, meeting attendees, and notes.
  • File Analysis: The chat feature can analyze files to highlight key issues or generate FAQs, offering concise summaries and important takeaways.
  • Content Generation: It can also assist in generating content, such as drafting an email to cancel a meeting, thereby streamlining administrative tasks.

Additional Functionalities and Future Enhancements

  • Prompt Library: Microsoft 365 Chat includes a library of applicable prompts, with options for users to add and save their own over time.
  • Email Summarization: One of Brian's highlighted features is the ability to summarize emails, adding to the tool’s utility in managing communication efficiently.
  • Continuous Updates: The platform promises more features and enhancements in the future, indicating ongoing development and improvement.

Brian Knight concludes the tutorial by encouraging viewers to explore these functionalities of Microsoft 365 Chat. Whether through comprehensive courses or personalized mentoring, Pragmatic Works aims to empower users in harnessing the full potential of Microsoft 365 and Copilot.

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