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New Azure Maps Visual in Power BI

New Azure Maps Visual in Power BI

Azure Map Blog

Who doesn’t want updates to technology? This guy.  I mean, I love them- they are great – I work for a tech company! Haha. But honestly, sometimes updates can induce a feeling of dread as often an “update” is just a euphemism for “something new to learn.”  And don’t these updates seem to come out JUST when you finally feel comfortable with the *last* version that came out? 

That’s what happened a month ago with the July Power BI Desktop update.  The Power BI team put out a fantastic new Azure Maps visual.  I was excited to start using it but then realized very soon that my data set would not work.  Why?  I didn’t have the latitude and longitude coordinates for my geography table.  This was an easy fix though because I know I could do a merging of queries as long as I could find a good data source of latitude and longitude.

If you are looking for a free resource that has a numerous amount of US latitude and longitude information check out https://simplemaps.com/data/us-cities.  Don’t worry, I’m not getting sponsored by the website.  It’s just the best one I could find for free to help my reports.

In this week’s video, I will walk you through connecting to several data sources, some data cleansing, merging sources together, and looking at the new Azure Map visual.  


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