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New Feature! Power BI Subscriptions

New Feature! Power BI Subscriptions

Power BI Service now has a newly added feature called Power BI Subscriptions. If you’ve worked with any BI, Power-BI-iPhone-iPad-Surface1.pngparticularly Microsoft BI, you may be familiar with this idea. Wouldn’t it be great to have reports delivered directly to your email whenever things change in the data? Power BI Subscriptions allows you to have the information you need delivered to you right away, so you can see things as they update, instead of having to actively search for information or updates on your reports on the Power BI service.

You can easily configure and manage subscriptions for any of your reports to be delivered to your email daily or weekly. You are sent an email whenever the data is updated, whether you’ve done a data refresh or the data has been connected through a live connection or direct query, but not more than once a day. Another great feature with Power BI Subscriptions is that emails are delivered as report images. This allows you to click on the report image to deliver you to the Power BI site if you want to interact with the report itself.

Watch this short video to learn how the new Power BI Subscription feature allows you to see changes in data in your reports, delivered to you right away to save time in your busy day.

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