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Learning Coaches Help Keep You on Track

Learning Coaches Help Keep You on Track

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Have you ever joined a gym, but had a hard time keeping yourself accountable with your workout goals?

Taking a course or learning something new to reach your goals can have the same accountability challenge!

That’s why Pragmatic Works is happy to announce our new Learning Coaches feature as part of our On-Demand Training platform and your On-Demand Elite Membership. These Learning Coaches are assigned to your account to make sure you stay on track. They are there to push you along the way, to celebrate your successes, and ultimately to ensure that you achieve your learning goals.

Our newly added Learning Coach feature works wonderfully for team environments, too. If you enroll your team in our On-Demand Training – and you specify a learning goal for each member of your team – these Learning Coaches will assist you in making your team accountable for their learning goals.

If you fall, your Learning Coach will call to help get you back on track. They’ll also celebrate your successes through text messages, emails and phone calls. And once you meet your goals, the coaches will not only celebrate with you, but will send you a special surprise, as well!

If you’re already an Elite member or taking courses on our On-Demand Training platform, then you can find out who your learning coach is by simply going to the Pragmatic Works’ Management System and selecting Learning Coaches.

This new Learning Coaches feature is an easy way to keep yourself – or team – on track with their learning goals. And our Learning Paths feature gives you a custom step by step guide of the courses you'll need and the order to take them to reach your goal. 

Sorry, but unfortunately, we can’t help you with your workout goals at the gym. That’s up to you.

If you have questions or want to learn more about Learning Coaches, please email us at learning@pragmaticworks.com, or visit us at pragmaticworks.com.

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