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Passing Array Parameters Into Stored Procedures from Power Apps

Passing Array Parameters Into Stored Procedures from Power Apps

powerappslogoWorking with stored procedures in Power Apps? This can be done with using tools like Microsoft Power Automate. Power Apps works great when passing a single value into a stored procedure, but what if I have a multi-value array? Things can get a little trickier when you have complex stored procedures.


In this demo I’ll show you how to use Power Apps to send arrays as parameters into a stored procedure using JSON and Power Automate. This can be used to solve more complex stored procedure filtering with OPENJSON.

My example will use a simple application I built to go through and multi-select a list of projects that I want to activate or de-activate. When I change the status of certain projects, I want to see the status changed in another gallery in my app.

Stored procedures accept single parameters easily inside SQL Server or Oracle. But what if we want to do a more complex situation that you want to do inside of a stored procedure? Watch my video below to see a pretty easy way to do this.

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