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Power Automate: Send Instant Emails From Canvas Apps

Power Automate: Send Instant Emails From Canvas Apps

In this blog, I want to dive into Power Automate. When I first started with the Power Platform I dove deep into Power BI which then made way for Power Apps. Soon thereafter I was introduced to Power Automate. I sure wish someone had told me about Power Automate when I was a teacher of middle schoolers. There were so many mundane daily and weekly tasks that I could have easily automated if I just would have been exposed to the program.

Power Automate is great for taking those routine or repetitive tasks and making them no longer a part of your daily routine. Sure setting up the Power Automate flow takes more time to get created, but once created you then can devote all that extra time you normally would have devoted to the task and now spend them on more mission-critical issues for your job.

In this video, I want to show you how you can send an automated email with just a click of a button. Since I learned Power Automate after learning Power Apps I wanted to do my first video that married the two technologies together. That’s what the Power Platform is all about.


In my demonstration, you will see how with a click of a button, icon, or image in a Canvas Power Application I pre-defined and formatted email can be sent out. This email will be dynamic in regards to the values that populate the email. The values will come from the record I select within the application itself.

If you are new to Power Automate or don’t think you want to learn a new program, but still want to send an email directly from your Canvas application I discuss how that can be set up as well.

I have quite a few Power Automate demonstrations that I want to showcase in the future so stay tuned and subscribe to the Pragmatic Works YouTube channel to stay up to date.

If you would like to see any of my other videos in my Power Platform series you can see them here Matt's Power Platform Series

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