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Power BI Embedded - Bringing Analytics to Your App

Power BI Embedded - Bringing Analytics to Your App

Free Training Banners (3)With Power BI Embedded you can integrate the data that your customers need to make on the spot decisions directly into your application.  Use the Power BI Embedded APIs on Azure to quickly and cost effectively embed analytics directly into a new or existing apps, allowing you to offer in-context analytics, increase user satisfaction and attract new customers. 

If you don’t know about Power BI Embedded or need to learn more about using it, we held a recent webinar that will get you started. Hosted by Brian Steele, a Pragmatic Works BI Consultant, this one-hour webinar starts off talking about the benefits of using Power BI in your business, then focuses on how to use Power BI Embedded for your customers.

Power BI Embedded gives your users the ability to connect to powerful visualizations without having an AAD or Power BI user account.  Easily connect your clients to their data whether on premise or in the cloud, giving them access to real-time information using Direct Query, Scheduled Refresh or Streaming Data, all via the open and extensible Azure platform.

Brian reviews the 3 steps of embedding context for customers:

1.  Authorizing - Authorizing Power BI analytics to your application

2.  Embedding - Embedding the Power BI visualizations inside your app

3.  Interacting – How do we then control the visualizations

In this webinar, which includes demos, you’ll learn about setting up your Power BI Embedded environment; adding Power BI analytics to an existing application; using the Power BI REST APIs; how to simplify with the Power BI .NET SDK and about client-side functionality using the Power BI JavaScript SDK.

End users today are looking for that ‘wow’ or ‘cool’ factor – Power BI Embedded gives them this. Plus, one of the best things about using Power BI Embedded is that as new features are added to Power BI, they are immediately available to Power BI Embedded (helping even more with that ‘cool’ factor for end users).

Watch the full webinar below. If you’d like to view Brian’s slides from the presentation, click here.

If you’re looking for more training, we’ve got you covered. Our free weekly webinars happen every Tuesday at 11 am EST. And our On-Demand Training platform is the best in the business, with 55+ courses covering Business Intelligence, Analytics, Power BI, Azure and more – all done at your pace. Get your free trial today!

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