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Power Apps: Safeguard Deleting Records

Power Apps: Safeguard Deleting Records

Often times after showing how you can delete a record in Power Apps I will see some nervous faces in the crowd. Even if that crowd is all virtual nowadays. I always assume they look nervous because they realize the power their end users have with being able to delete records quickly, easily, and sometimes by mistake within the application. If this is you, I've got several ways how to safeguard against this.

I have recorded two previous videos on how to handle these issues. The first video walks you through how to set up a confirmation screen before the user executes the deletion of a record. My second video shows how you can delete it from one table, but then insert that same record in an archive table.

In this video, I show how to make it seem like the user has deleted the record, but in actuality, the record is just hidden from the gallery view and we change the value of one of our columns attached to the record. This approach is useful and all you need to have in your data source is some dedicated column that reports if the record is "active/archived" or "current/noncurrent" or "valid/notvalid". I think you get the picture. To execute this process you will use the Patch command as well as the Filter command on your gallery.


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