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Pragmatic Works Provides Local Students with Dual Enrollment Courses

Pragmatic Works Provides Local Students with Dual Enrollment Courses

In partnership with the Clay County School Board, Pragmatic Works provides dual enrollment courses to local high school students through Pragmatic Work's School of Programming. Pragmatic Work's School of Programming allows juniors and seniors from Middleburg High School to earn college credits by taking IT dual enrollment courses provided by St. John's River State College. 

“Pragmatic Works developed the School of Programming to provide students interested in the technical field with a way to jumpstart their college careers,” says Brian Knight, CEO of Pragmatic Works.

Brian Knight Teaching

Pragmatic Works School of Programming is the essence of business partners and education working cohesively to create more successful students and better community members. 

“This partnership is what it takes to connect students’ secondary education with the real-world and give them the skills necessary to be a productive member of society,” says Chereese Stewart Career & Technical Education Director for Clay County School District.

Dual Enrollment Student

Currently 6 students are enrolled in the program and there are hopes to duplicate the program throughout Clay County. There are already plans to expand the program to Orange Park High School in 2015.

Benefits of Having a Technical Degree

Pragmatic Works started the School of Programming provide students who are interested in the tech field a foundation to build a successful career. The students are receiving hands-on skills which will enable them to be more employable in their field of choosing.

Once these students receive their degrees in the tech field they will be more likely than other graduates to have a job and will often be paid above the national average pay rate.


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