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Pragmatic Works Supports Women in Tech

Pragmatic Works Supports Women in Tech


It’s no secret that it’s a critical time for women in the tech space. In 2015, women still only make up just over a quarter (26.5%) of tech jobs in the U.S. While industry wide the numbers are, shall we say, disappointing…according to a new report from SmartAsset, there are cities that are showing positive trends of narrowing the gender gap. In fact, our home city of Jacksonville, FL was listed as a city where the gender gap is shrinking with 30.3% of tech jobs in our area are filled by women. How does your city rank?

It’s important for the industry to continue to make diversity a priority and create strategies to improve the culture of inclusion. But it’s also the responsibility of those of us in the industry to help drive the movement. With organizations like Women in Technology, Girls who Code and Black Girls Code, there are opportunities in every city to get involved and educate young women and girls about the advantages of a career in technology. That same SmartAsset report also showed that the cities that had the smaller gaps in diversity, were also cities that had active coalitions to support women in tech. Coincidence…I don’t think so. Just like Women in Technology explain on their website, “when one woman helps another, amazing things can happen”.

At Pragmatic Works, we our proud of the women we work with. From our engagement managers, to our operations support team, to our SQL Server experts, we have women impacting every part of our business. To honor Women in Tech month, we’re showcasing our top women consultants who are thought leaders and industry experts in their own right. Below you can find overviews and links to each of their sessions this month.

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March 1st - Rachael Martino
Rachael is a Pragmatic Works Principal Consultant has worked with SQL Server since SQL 2000. Her focus is on the Business Intelligence field utilizing SSAS, multi-dimensional and Tabular, SSRS, SSIS and PowerBI. Rachael has two Masters degrees from MIT in Systems Design and in Management & Civil Engineering Information Technology.

Performance Techniques for Power BI Data Models
Rachel will demonstrate how easy it is to build sophisticated data models in Power BI that efficiently  utilizes and manages your data.

March 8th - Mickey Stuewe
Mickey is a Senior Database Developer at Quick Bridge Funding. Her expertise is on data modeling, T-SQL query optimization and report design using the SQL Server stack. Mickey is also an active member of the SQL community through thought leadership, leading her local User Group, and volunteering at SQL Saturdays.

Changing Your Habits to Improve the Performance of Your T-SQL
In this demo-heavy session, Mickey will show you various ways to improve your T-SQL like formatting T-SQL for readability, why top-down design is not a best practice and why implicit conversion’s slow queries down.

March 15th - Delora Bradish
Delora is a Senior Consultant at Pragmatic Works whose expertise is on supporting business success through performance and leadership of SQL Server and business intelligence systems.

Build Your BI House with a  Blueprint: Structuring Your Data Warehouse for BI
Delora will take you through how to create a data flow blueprint on which to build a BI project with a focus on some common areas of struggle:  effectively handing deleted rows, denormalization of transactional data, degenerate dimensions, slowly changing dimensions, many-to-many relationships, and migrating from other platforms. 

March 22nd - Ginger Grant
Ginger is a Senior BI Consultant at Pragmatic Works and has worked with the Microsoft BI stack for many years in a variety of industries. As an active member of the SQL Server community, Ginger is asked to speak at numerous nationally recognized industry conferences.

Polybase- Bringing Together Hadoop and SQL Server 2016
Ginger will discuss Polybase, an interesting new feature of SQL Server 2016 and how to set up SQL Server 2016 to use it, and what users can expect to see within SQL Server when querying their data which resides in Hadoop clusters.

March 29th- Kathy Vick 
Kathy Vick is a Senior Consultant with Pragmatic Works. She is a contributing author for the SQL Pro Administrators Guide (Wiley),and teaches BI and SQL classes for Pragmatic Works. Prior to her current role, she spent 12 years at Microsoft and 9 years at Boeing. She has been supporting SQL Server since the mid-1990’s when it first became a Microsoft product.

What's New in SSRS 2016
Kathy will discuss how the new features in SSRS can be used to create an “Information Portal” for reports, Business Intelligence, and Mobile data.

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