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Introducing Our New Course - Advanced DAX

Introducing Our New Course - Advanced DAX

2017-Training-Banner.pngAre you interested in taking your DAX skills to the next level? Pragmatic Works’ new Advanced DAX course is for users that have mastered the basics of the DAX language to improve the analytical capabilities of their data models, and are ready to move on to more complex calculations.

This course is written by Pragmatic Works' Business Intelligence Consultant and Trainer, Mitchell Pearson. Here, Mitchell answers a few questions about the Advanced DAX course:

1. Who is this class designed for?

This class is designed for anyone who has taken our Introduction to DAX course, or has been working with DAX and is comfortable with the language, and is ready to take their DAX skills to the next level.

2. What skill do most people struggle with when going from a basic to an advanced DAX skillset?

Most people struggle with evaluation context. Many users transitioning to DAX are Excel users. In Excel, for example, when you look at the total row, it’s usually an average or sum of all the rows. In DAX, the total row is evaluated within the current context. This can make the total row look incorrect or inconsistent when it is not the case.

3. Why is it important to take the Introduction to DAX course first?

In Introduction to DAX, you will learn the fundamentals necessary to transition into more advanced concepts like filter and row context.

4. How will the Advanced DAX course help take your skills to the next level?

By helping your understanding of evaluation context and by helping you ‘think like DAX’. When you have that understanding, you’ll see things that appear incorrect or inconsistent and can understand why and address it.

5. Do I really need to learn DAX when there are Power BI features like Quick Measures?

Quick Measures in Power BI is a great feature, but there are limitations. The Quick Measure won’t always solve the advanced analytical problems that you have. But if you understand DAX, then you can customize Quick Measures and write advanced DAX calculations yourself.

So if you're ready to take your knowledge to the next level, Pragmatic Works Advanced DAX course is for you. Visit our website or sign up for a free trial to check out all the training packages and courses we have available. 

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