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Real Time Analysis with Power BI and Stream Analytics

Real Time Analysis with Power BI and Stream Analytics

Free Training Banners (1)-1Real time analytics means different things to different people. What does real time mean to you and your company? Is real-time to you the previous day or month or up to the second? Either way, you need to decide what your company needs and what are your options.

If you need data as of let’s say 10 minutes ago, you may have some solutions like Azure Data Factory or SSIS to accomplish that with things like micro batches. But if your users are wanting data that’s truly only seconds old, that’s where stream analytics comes into play.

In a recent webinar, hosted by Brian Knight, you’ll learn how to give your users what they’ve been craving for decades: real-time analytics. He’ll show you the architecture for getting that data that’s only seconds old.

In his demo he’ll teach you how to consume data from a variety of sources and integrate the data with machine learning to predict the future. Then, show the data live on a Power BI dashboard for your business users to love.

He also spends some time reviewing some use cases from customers using stream analytics such as a windmill company using it for smarter power production. This company uses stream analytics on their wind farms so as the real-time data comes in, they can send a foreman out to a farm before a problem happens that may cost them tens of thousands or millions of dollars.

To watch the full webinar, click here. So, decide on what real time analytics means to you and if you and your users are craving true real-time analytics, then this webinar will teach you how to do just that using Azure Stream Analytics and Power BI.

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