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Sending a Text from Power Apps

Sending a Text from Power Apps

powerappslogoFor nearly a decade it’s been proven that text marketing is one of the most effective engagement tools a company can use to interact with their consumers.

Recently, I was asked if it’s possible to send text messages (or SMS) through Power Apps. In this post, I’ll show you two techniques to send text messages from Power Apps. One is through a Launch Command and the other is with a 3rd party data connector, TxtSync.

Launch Command can only be used on an open text application. This tool follows a simple link or the TEL command, which allows you to initiate phone calls to customers.

If your users don’t have access or control over the application, they may want to consider using the second technique, TxtSync. This tool allows users to create a local number and send text messages for about $5 a month.

For a demo on how to send text messages through Power Apps using Launch Command and TxtSync, click on the video below.


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