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SentryOne Acquires Pragmatic Works Software

SentryOne Acquires Pragmatic Works Software


We have some exciting news to share with you! We want our loyal customers to be one of the first to know that Pragmatic Works Software has been acquired by SentryOne. This acquisition includes our entire software suite: Task Factory, Pragmatic Workbench, DOC xPress, BI xPress, DBA xPress, DTS xChange, LegiTest and CodeSlice. It does not include our consulting and training services. 

SentryOne creates unmatched solutions that empower Microsoft data professionals to achieve breakthrough performance across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. SentryOne products give customers the capability and confidence to monitor their databases, diagnose performance issues, and optimize the entire SQL Server estate to provide real business value.

This merger brings together SentryOne's world-class performance monitor tools with the BI tools from Pragmatic Works you know and love. This pairing gives you the ability to monitor your SQL Server and all the way down to the package level, where problems often arise. 

As for Pragmatic Works training and consulting services, nothing will change.

We will have more information to share soon but please reach out to us if you have any questions. You can reach us at support@pragmaticworks.com.

Thanks so much to all our loyal customers who continue to inspire and motivate us every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s happening with consulting and training? Are they part of the acquisition?

No. Consulting and training are staying with the Pragmatic Works’ family and we’re excited to have a renewed focus in these areas.

2. How will my software licenses work now?

The licensing of software will remain the same. 

3. Where do I go for product support?

You can continue to contact the support team through the same avenues.

Phone: 904-413-1911

Email: support@pragmaticworks.com

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