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A Special Offer for User Groups

A Special Offer for User Groups

A Special Offer for You

A special offer for our user groups. Get a free Elite leader subscription plus two additional Elite memberships.

User Groups

Pragmatic Works Power BI On-Demand Training courses teach you how to use Power BI. Whether you want to learn to create your own reports and dashboards or create custom visuals, we have a course that meets your needs.

Special Offer for User Groups

To show you how we value our user groups, we have a special offer for you. Now for a limited time, receive a free Elite leader subscription plus two additional Elite memberships, which can be given as prizes to your team members.  Try it now!

Please visit here to receive more information on our On-Demand Training offerings. 

Power BI Courses

  • Introduction to Power BI 
This class is designed to get you up to speed on the latest with Power BI. First, you will learn how to query and pull in data, and then organize the results into a data model with relationships and calculations.
  • Power BI with Excel
The Power BI with Excel course is designed to get you up to speed using tools easily accessible to power users and all Microsoft Office users including Office 365.
  • Power Query for Business
The Power Query for Business course is designed to help you understand how Power Query can be used for self-service data extraction and manipulation. 
  • Introduction to DAX
 This video-based Introduction to DAX course is designed to teach the fundamentals of DAX, while emphasizing the basic building blocks required to author more complex DAX calculations.
  • Advanced DAX
This course focuses on the advanced and difficult to comprehend DAX concepts like evaluation context, security, iterator functions and advanced DAX functions.
  • Power BI for Consumers
This course is designed to get you up to speed on consuming data and interacting with reports in Power BI. 
  • Power BI Service  Administration
This course provides the framework necessary to successfully integrate Power BI into your corporate environment.
  • Power BI Report Server Administration
This short class helps bridge the gap of understanding required for organizations that are not using the cloud for Power BI.
  • Advanced Power BI
 This course will explore the languages of R and M, complex data modeling scenarios several advanced data visualization techniques that can take your reports and dashboards beyond the basics.
  • Bonus Course - Power BI Custom Visuals
This video series will teach you how to use each of the Power BI Custom Visuals that are available in the Power BI Custom Visual Gallery.

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