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SQL Data Warehouse - External Tables

SQL Data Warehouse - External Tables

sql DW.pngAre you interested in learning how to load external files into SQL Data Warehouse? In a recent webinar taught by Pragmatic Works Principal Consultant, Daniel Taylor, he covered all the information you need to know when starting out with external tables, which he often uses with our customers.

In this webinar, Dan investigates the ways to create Azure blob storage, which can easily be scaled up or down and can handle all unstructured data that we receive from external sources. You can also easily set up tiered storage for archived tables or tables that you need more readily, as well as set up geo-redundancy.

He also talks about quick ways to manage Azure storage and how to move on premises data to Azure storage using AZCopy. Dan follows all this up by showing how to create the resources within the SQL Data Warehouse to load the data he has staged within Azure storage using CTAs.

This webinar video is full of demos that walk you through all of these steps of working with external tables/files in SQL Data Warehouse. Watch the full recording of the webinar to learn more and view these helpful demos. Please join Pragmatic Works free weekly training webinars every Tuesday at 11:00 EST. Check out our website to register for upcoming webinars and to view recording of past webinars.

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