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The Best Method for Adoption in Your BI Reporting and Analytics Projects

The Best Method for Adoption in Your BI Reporting and Analytics Projects

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Is adoption in your BI reporting and analytics projects a struggle for you and your team? Adoption can be a struggle for even the best solutions. Oftentimes, the focus becomes more about the solution itself, rather than about the user base that the solution is supporting.

Pragmatic Works has a sure-fire method to get adoption into your projects. There are 3 important things to keep in mind with adoption:

1.  Identify people that can make critical business decisions early in the process.

Once you have these decision makers in place, this will accelerate your ability to be confident with the end users and drive that solution forward successfully.

2. Use tools like Power BI to mock-up the options for the users of what the end-result will look like.

Helping people to visualize the end-result is an important step before you sit down and start developing. This way you can create a solution that they are not just going to use, but are going to love.

3.  Teach the users to self-serve.

Self-service BI has had some mixed reviews in the past due to the tools being a bit too advanced for most users. Power BI ends that. With Power BI, we now have an incredible tool for data exploration for users to be able to build things themselves, as well as to understand what data they have available.

These 3 factors drive Pragmatic Works’ approach to customer projects as part of our adoption strategy. We want the right people involved at the right time and to drive the kind of awareness, education and mentoring to make adoption a success for you and your team. This approach has worked for our 7,000 customers world-wide.

If you have struggles or concerns with adoption, we can help you with advice, an assessment or to plan your roadmap. Pragmatic Works can also help with implementation to assure that your adoption is guaranteed.

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