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The Top 5 Things That Online Training Should Include

The Top 5 Things That Online Training Should Include

2017-Training-Banner.pngWhen investing money in online training, you want to get the most for your dollar. Pragmatic Works Training Director, Devin Knight, knows the 5 hot tips on what you should be looking for when you purchase online training (e-learning) and how to get the biggest bang for your buck. Here’s what you should look for:

1. Focused Courses

There are many platforms, even YouTube, where you can find material, but the problem is that the material is not focused. When you want to learn about a focus area like IT or a Microsoft Stack like SQL server or Power BI, you want to look for a platform from a company that has expertise in that area. At Pragmatic Works, our training is always data-centric focused.

2. Reporting Administration

You want to be able to monitor that the training you purchased is being used. Our On-Demand Training platform has a set of reporting built in, which allows you to verify that users have logged in, as well as the percentage of courses they’ve completed and how they’ve scored on assessments. These reports allow you to validate the usage of your training purchase.

3. Interactive Learning Path

People may know they need training on a certain skill, like building reports for instance, but they don’t know the exact path of courses needed to excel in that area or to help them in that role in their business. That’s why our On-Demand Training platform has an interactive learning path where you can choose the role or skill you want to focus on and the path will guide you to which courses will get you to your goal.

4. Virtual Mentoring

Most e-learning platforms don’t give you the ability to speak to a live person, a mentor, in addition to the video content. Pragmatic Works platform has what we call Virtual Mentoring. This is like having a consultant in your back pocket. Whether you have a question or are stuck on something in a course, or you’re stuck trying to implement something that you’ve learned, we’ll have a live person available to work you through it.

5. Deep Content

The depth of the course content should be the #1 thing you look for in your training purchase. We pride ourselves on our courses going in depth into the content. We have 30+ courses, including Power BI, Advanced T-SQL, Big Data, Data Modeling and more, that don’t just give you a quick look into a topic, but dive deep into the content with videos, labs and quiz assessments included.

Be sure to look for these 5 key areas when investing in online training. You’ll find all these areas covered in Pragmatic Works On-Demand Training Platform which helps you get the most from your investment. 

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