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Top 3 CIO Data Concerns

Top 3 CIO Data Concerns

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Many organizations are looking for solutions to help their businesses grow and to take advantage of all that their business data and Business Intelligence has to offer. This week, our President of Consulting, Adam Jorgensen, and Consulting Solutions Manager, Marc Marin visited some Boston area customers to talk about how Pragmatic Works is helping to create these solutions and helping to grow their business.

Many of our customers are looking to change the way their business looks at data. There are 3 areas that Pragmatic Works Consulting can help to make the significant changes needed to best utilize your data.

First, businesses want to know how to deploy Power BI in the enterprise. Power BI helps you use your data in a new way. Pragmatic Works can help you get the whole company on board with Power BI, not just a small group of analysts. This will help everyone on your team to utilize data in new ways to move your business initiatives forward.

The second important factor is analytics. There are many options to get analytics working for your business, like SQL 2016, Azure and Cortana. We can show you how to take your ideas and goals about analytics and give them the traction they need to move forward.

Lastly, taking advantage of the cloud. The cloud offers access to new technologies and incredible value for business. Pragmatic Works teams up with our clients for cloud migration of their existing systems into Azure and the cloud, giving them benefits such as cloud analytics.

Pragmatic Works has the tools, training and services to change the way you look at, and utilize your data. Our consulting services can help you with strategy sessions and enterprise implementation with our experts in the field. Contact us to see how we can help you create the solutions to better understand your business. 

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