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Understanding DAX Filter Context and Incorrect Totals

Understanding DAX Filter Context and Incorrect Totals

MitchP BannnerDAX is an awesome language, but sometimes, DAX can produce results that are not expected. This is when DAX users can begin to struggle and get frustrated with the DAX language. In a recent webinar titled, Understanding DAX Filter Context and Incorrect Totals, our host Mitchell Pearson will walk you through why the total is not working, what’s happening with the filter context and how you can dig into that and figure out what that filter context is.

In this webinar, Mitchell covers Filter Context, DAX functions and options for dealing with confusing totals. Basically, there are 3 options:

  • Ignore any confusing totals – not recommended
  • Return a blank value/replace the total row with a blank
  • Identify that you’re in the total row and then write your own DAX expression to replace those values

Mitch will cover DAX functions such as:

  • Hasonevalue – Returns TRUE when the context for columnName has been filtered down to one distinct value only. Else returns FALSE.
  • Blank() – Returns a blank.
  • SUMX – Returns the sum of an expression evaluated for each row in a table.
  • Values – Returns a one-column table that contains the distinct values from the specified table or column.

So, if you’re working with DAX and struggle with confusing totals, this webinar, including demos, will teach you why this behavior occurs. By the end of the hour session, you’ll have a better understanding of why the total row may not match your expectations, as well as how you can use DAX to return more intuitive results. Watch the complete webinar below. Click here to view slides from the presentation.

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