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Using KPI Visuals in Power BI

Using KPI Visuals in Power BI

In a recent video on the Pragmatic Works YouTube channel, Angelica Domenech helps explain the power of using KPI visuals in Power BI. KPIs are essential for every organization, and understanding the knowledge needed for creating and interpreting these visuals effectively.


Understanding KPI Visuals

  • Introduction to KPIs: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are essential metrics for assessing the success of an organization or activity. The Power BI Desktop's KPI visual offers an in-depth look at these indicators.
  • Purpose: The video was inspired by discussions with an individual preparing for the PL-300 exam, highlighting the need for guidance on employing KPI visuals in Power BI reports.

Building a KPI Visual

  • Starting with a Final Report Example: An example report featuring KPI visuals populated with sales data sets the stage for what viewers will learn.
  • Key Components of a KPI Visual: Essential fields for a KPI visual include:
    • Value Field: The metric to track (e.g., sales, profit).
    • Trend Axis: A date or sequential field for the data period.
    • Target: The goal or benchmark for the KPI.

Practical Application and Tips

  • Step-by-Step Guide: Detailed instructions on creating a KPI visual, including data input for fields like total sales and annual goals.
  • Understanding the Visualization: The KPI visual displays the measured value, the target goal, and a percentage indicating goal achievement.
  • Formatting and Customization: Formatting options within the KPI visual allow for adjustments in data display and appearance, enhancing readability and interpretation.

Advanced Usage

  • Filtering and Slicing: Techniques for analyzing KPIs by specific criteria, such as country or time period, are discussed.
  • Monthly Analysis: The video also explores monthly KPI visual setup, demonstrating adjustments for monthly goals and analysis.

Conclusion and Advice

Angelica encourages experimenting with KPI visuals in Power BI reports, aiming to provide the knowledge needed for creating and interpreting these visuals effectively. Remember to like the video and subscribe to the Pragmatic Works YouTube channel to stay informed on Power BI and other topics.

Don't forget to check out the Pragmatic Works' on-demand learning platform for more insightful content and training sessions on Power BI and other Microsoft applications. Be sure to subscribe to the Pragmatic Works YouTube channel to stay up-to-date on the latest tips and tricks.

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