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Using the Power Apps Search Function

Using the Power Apps Search Function

powerappslogoDo you know how to use the Search function in Power Apps? In this video, you’ll learn how use the Search function to run a query against a data source to pull only selective data.

There are two core ways to search a gallery inside of Power Apps, the filter function and the search function. Both have their advantages, but the biggest advantage of the search function is being able to search multiple columns from a search box to filter down your gallery.

In my video demo I’ll start by inserting a gallery that I’ve already created a connection to my Salesforce system, and I’ll pull something simple like a like of titles and subtitles from a list of my users. I’ll show you the steps in setting up using the search function, as well as discuss any drawbacks to using this function such as what does or does not get delegated.

What gets delegated is dependent on the data source. For a list of what gets delegated and what does not, click the link here to the Microsoft document. There are quite a few things to watch out for with delegation, and I will talk about delegation in my video which you can watch below.


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