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Using Web-Sourced NFL Stats in Data Analysis

Using Web-Sourced NFL Stats in Data Analysis

Aug 1 Blog

Have you ever connected to a web source to do some data analysis? I am sure it's what everyone does in his or her spare time, right?  Well, I am a nerd (proudly) and definitely have tapped into NFL stats in trying to decide who to play on my Fantasy Football team. 

If you ever have, then I bet you were frustrated with the tables that you can import/transform based on the HTML code.  Do you want to eliminate that frustration and save some time in the Power Query Editor?  If you answered yes to any of the questions, then take a look at this video  of how you can add a table from a website by feeding Power BI some examples of what you want.

In my video, I will pull in some NFL stats because I sure hope we have at least a little bit of a season.  With any start of the NFL season comes fantasy football.  With fantasy football comes some crazy data crunchers who do their best to put the odds in their favor.  Luck though sometimes prevails.  With a little luck, I can show you a quick way of how to analyze up to the minute data of your fantasy lineup.

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