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What a Great Looking Bunch!

As we hunker down for another Nor’easter and a foot of snow in New England, we don't let the winter blues get us down! The Pragmatic Works sales team in New Hampshire celebrated an uncharacteristically warm (50 degree) February day yesterday by breaking out our favorite Hawaiian shirts! We take pride in looking good while helping organizations gain value from the enhanced BI development, documentation and automated data validation capabilities that are realized by using the Pragmatic Workbench.

Our Pragmatic Works knowledgeable, and stylish, sales team can help fulfill all your software and training needs for your organization. We are data platform specialists, and although we can’t help make winter go any faster, we can set you up with products and services to help your business. So, don’t let the winter blues get you down, join us and break out your favorite Hawaiian shirt and while you’re at it, help us with a little friendly competition and vote for the New Hampshire sales team member who you think is the sharpest dressed:

shirt pic.png

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