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What is Azure Storage Explorer?

What is Azure Storage Explorer?

What is Azure Storage Explorer_ (1)

Most of us are looking for ways to optimize our Azure storage management. I’m here to tell you about a handy utility that can do just that, Azure Storage Explorer. This utility will ease cloud storage management, which in turn will boost your productivity.

You'll want to leverage this utility when working within Azure if you've ever wondered how to: 

  • Access blob storage?
  • Look at a message queue?
  • Query an azure database table?
  • Move files into and from a data lake?
  • Move database backups? Azure SQL and Cosmo DB's. backpac’s
  • Move SSIS/ADF packages?

Azure Storage Explorer allows you to efficiently connect and manage your Azure storage service accounts and resources across subscriptions. You can create, delete, view, and edit resources in Azure Storage, Azure Cosmos DB, and Data Lake Storage.

Simply go to: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=708343&clcid=0x409 for the free download of Storage Explorer. Once installed, you’ll have to associate an active Azure account, as well as associate your storage resources with it then you can begin to manipulate files, query tables, etc.

In the screenshot of the interface below you'll see that it follows the familiar Microsoft user interface patterns. Using this intuitive interface, you’ll be able to seamlessly view, search, and interact with your data and resources.

screenshot of Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer window open with sample data selected

Storage Explorer gives you the flexibility to work disconnected from the cloud or offline with local emulators, which helps boost productivity and efficiency, and reduce costs. And even better, it’s built on industry-leading Azure security.

I find this utility to be incredibly useful and it makes life much easier, and who doesn’t want to make their life a bit easier?

If you have questions about Azure Storage Explorer, Azure storage options or any Azure product or service, contact us—we're here to help. 

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