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Which Version of Microsoft Project is Right For You?

Which Version of Microsoft Project is Right For You?

In this blog post, Yasmine Brooks delves into the various Microsoft Project plans, helping you determine which subscription best suits your needs. This summary is based on a video from our Microsoft Project series, where we explore different project management tools offered by Microsoft, such as Project Online, Project for the Web, and Project Desktop.


Understanding Microsoft's Project Management Offerings

Microsoft offers a range of project management tools, each tailored to different needs. Let's break down these offerings:

Project Desktop: On-Premises Solutions

  • Project Standard: Ideal for individual use, this one-time purchase grants access to Project Desktop but does not support collaboration or integration with Project Online.
  • Project Professional: Goes beyond Project Standard by enabling collaboration and integration with Project Online and SharePoint. It’s suitable for enterprise-level project management.

Project Online: Cloud-Based Collaborative Platform

Project Online offers enhanced features:

  • Upload and share projects.
  • Utilize Enterprise Resource Pools for scheduling.
  • Create SharePoint sites for centralized document management.
  • Customizable fields available across the enterprise.
  • Time tracking and resource allocation capabilities.

Project for the Web: Simplified Online Collaboration

  • Focused on team collaboration.
  • Allows task editing and progress tracking.
  • Note: Plan 1 does not include critical path visibility.

Choosing the Right Plan: Cloud-Based Options

When selecting a cloud-based solution, consider the following plans:

Plan 1: Basic Access

  • Access to Project for the Web.
  • Suitable for basic project creation and team collaboration.
  • Does not include critical path feature.

Plan 3 and Plan 5: Advanced Features

  • Both plans offer everything in Plan 1.
  • Additional access to critical path feature.
  • Includes Project Desktop download.
  • Full access to Project Online for comprehensive project management.

Downloading Project Desktop

If you have Plan 3 or Plan 5, downloading Project Desktop is straightforward:

  1. Go to your Microsoft account.
  2. Check your subscriptions to confirm your plan.
  3. Navigate to 'Apps and Devices' to find and download Project Desktop.

Conclusion and Next Steps

Selecting the right Microsoft Project plan depends on your specific needs, whether it's individual project management, team collaboration, or enterprise-level resource planning. 

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