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Who is Brian Knight?

Who is Brian Knight?


We're back with the next video in our popular "Who Is" series. If you missed any of the previous interviews, you can watch them here. This series takes an in-depth look at the people that keep Pragmatic Works running and customers happy. Each week, we sit down with a different Pragmatic Works employee and ask them questions to help you get to know them better and to gain further insight into our company culture.

Many of you already know Brian Knight, Founder of Pragmatic Works. In this edition of Who Is, Devin sat down with his brother to learn about the humble beginnings of how Pragmatic Works came to be along with some of the challenges they faced. Brian also dispenses powerful advice on start-ups and lessons learned.  You'll also discover where Brian likes to travel and why he loves being Devin's brother.

In our next Who Is video, you'll get to know Support Technician Ken Wood.

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