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Who is Haley McKinney?

Who is Haley McKinney?


Have you been curious about what employees at Pragmatic Works are really like? You often talk to our employees on the phone or see them in training sessions, but you really don't get to see their true personality. You may not even know what some look like. Never fear! In our latest video series hosted by Devin Knight, we sit down and have one-on-one conversations with the amazing individuals that make up the Pragmatic Works team. You'll get to hear about how they came to Pragmatic Works, their personal professional development tips and even some secret facts about what their life is like outside of Pragmatic Works.

Since March is all about celebrating women in tech, each week we'll be featuring some of the women who work at Pragmatic Works. In our first video, we sat down with Support Team Manager Haley McKinney. Haley has been in the customer service field for 10 years and has a unique ability to always put herself in the customer's shoes. In the video below, you will learn some interesting things about her such as why her dog is so crazy and her feelings on Star Wars. You'll also get a look into the world of our support team and how Haley keeps it running successfully. 
Stay tuned for our next Who Is video where we sit down with Engagement Manager Maggie Goodhart

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