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Who is Ken Wood?

Who is Ken Wood?


We're back with the next video in our popular "Who Is" series. If you missed any of the previous interviews, you can watch them here. This series takes an in-depth look at the people that keep Pragmatic Works running and our customers happy. Each week, we sit down with a different Pragmatic Works employee and ask them probing questions to help you get to know them better.

In our latest interview, Devin sat down with Support Technician Ken Wood. Ken is part of our amazing support team and he assists all our Task Factory customers with any issues they may have. Ken is also an accomplished pilot and has a great sense of humor. Watch his interview to learn about one of his favorite quotes from a man named Henry Ford, and get further insight into all things that make up Ken Wood.

In our next Who Is video, Devin sits down with Sources and Contracting Manager Mike McIntyre to learn more about his role at Pragmatic Works.

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