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Why You Should Attend SQLSaturday Phoenix

Why You Should Attend SQLSaturday Phoenix

It can be very difficult to keep up with the increasing number of changes in technology. There are so many things changing with the move to the cloud, data storage and access, self-service visualization tools and not to mention the many enhancements Microsoft has made in the latest versions of SQL Server. One place where it is possible to drink from the fire hose, so to speak, is at SQLSaturday events. Being able to find things out from the people who literally wrote the book on SQL Server, well technically wrote a bunch of books, is a great opportunity to catch up on a lot of new technology.

Technology is being developed to solve a series of real world problems. Companies are gathering lots of data, and there is a growing desire to gather more insight with the data. Combining all information in a data warehouse and generating canned reports is not enough. The data gathered can provide real insight into the current and future direction of the company and its industry. By attending one of the sessions below, you can learn how to apply new technology by combing the tools to provide additional insight to what the data is telling you.

SQL Friday Precons

The Friday before SQLSaturday is known as precon day. These day long sessions are held to focus on specific areas of technology. SQL Internals Deep Dive and Architecting a Modern Data Warehouse are two of the precons being offered, which I think offer a great value and the chance to really learn a lot. 


Anyone who has seen Brad Ball speak knows that they will be both entertained and really learn a lot about the internals of SQL Server. Adam Jorgensen has developed a course which explains how to apply new data technology to the Data Warehouse. As I am assisting in this session, I know that it will not only cover learning Machine Learning, Data Factory and other cloud technologies but will also offer insight into applying the technology in a real world setting. 

SQLSaturday Sessions

As there are always things I need to learn and haven't mastered yet, I look forward to the opportunity to be taught by others. Josh Luedeman has been doing a lot of work with Azure and all things cloud, so I am looking forward to hearing is talk on Data Factory:Data Integration in the Cloud. Josh has a great sense of humor and a good way of explaining things, so I'm glad we are not speaking at the same time so I can hear him.

While I have been doing database modeling for a while, I'm always looking for new things that I haven't come across , therefore I am very interested in hearing what Jason Horner will be discussing in his session Dimensional Modeling Design Patters: Beyond the Basics. Jason is an SQL Server Certified Master and an MVP, and really knows his stuff so I am sure this session will be very interesting.

Unfortunately I would like to hear Alan's talk on SSAS Multidimensional VS Tabular - but I am speaking at the same time. I can't wait to see all the great sessions and I look forward to seeing everyone there!

To view a full agenda of SQLSaturday Phoenix sessions, click here.

SQLSaturday Phoenix will be held on February 28th at The Black Canyon Conference Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

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