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Cloud and Data Analytics

Do you feel like you’re not getting the most value from your data and need an analytics solution that goes beyond the capabilities of traditional data-processing applications? Azure offers a comprehensive set of solutions that can help you gather, store, process, analyze, and visualize data so you can discover new opportunities and take quick action.

Get the Best Value from your Data

Pragmatic Works can help you capitalize on the value of your data by empowering more users and applications on the same dataset. Our cloud experts can kickstart, accelerate and maintain your cloud environment with a range of solutions that fit your business needs.

Lower the Cost of Data Analytics

Reduce compute idle time caused by I/O.

Increase Analytics Performance

Thrive in the cloud with Microsoft Azure HDInsight on Azure NetApp® Files.

Areas of Expertise:

Pragmatic Works’ team of experts designs, builds and integrates applications that last. We make sure the cloud remains relevant for your business now and into the future with our rapid and responsive solutions, customized to fit your business needs.

Are you struggling to unlock the unlimited potential of cloud data platforms?

With Cloud Data Platforms you can easily support rapid growth and save more time for innovation with a portfolio of secure, enterprise-grade, fully managed database services. Enterprise-grade performance with built-in high availability means you can scale quickly and reach global distribution without worrying about costly downtime.

Migrating to a cloud platform can be a struggle, between team readiness, building and designing, managing scale and performance and forecasting cost and workloads. Whatever you’re looking to create, Pragmatic Works can help you get it to market swiftly, distribute it extensively, and manage it effortlessly and confidently. We can fully manage your Azure database services, so instead of time spent dealing with your database, you can focus on new ways to amaze your users and achieve new opportunities.

Pragmatic Works can help address the following questions:

  • How can I share data across platforms and departments?
  • Can I manage costs by scaling instantly on an as needed basis?
  • How can I enhance data integrity and security?
  • Is there a way to consolidate processes such as backup, disaster recovery, archiving and analytics?
  • How do I know which service to choose?

Are you looking to turn your data warehouse into a hub that drives analytics quickly and efficiently?

Looking for unparalleled performance at an incredible value? Cloud data warehousing and business intelligence can get you there fast, giving you groundbreaking query performance for your intricate and critical workloads and granular security control across all your data while using analytics solutions that are compatible with your existing development, BI, and data science tools. Once you’re ready to fully migrate onto a cloud data warehouse, Pragmatic Works can fully manage this new system, freeing you up to focus on growing your business and creating new innovations.

Pragmatic Works can help you create a hub for all your data and drive transformative solutions like BI and reporting, advanced analytics, and real-time analytics. Take advantage of the performance, flexibility, and security of fully managed services through Pragmatic Works as we design a custom solution to not only keep up with the rapidly changing landscape, but stay ahead of the competition.

We can help you answer the following questions :

  • Do you need to examine your business and determine the questions you need data to answer?
  • Are you trying to balance benefits and tradeoffs as they relate to pipeline, storage, analysis and sharing?
  • Is your organization struggling to account for performance considerations such as speed and time to value?
  • How does Azure Data Warehouse and Azure Data Lake compare/work together and which one do I need?
  • Which parts of my business should use Azure platforms and services?
  • How can I forecast cost and management workloads with this new cloud system?

Are you maxing out your bandwidth dealing with Power BI security management, compliance and end user support?

Pragmatic Works can handle things that are problematic and tend to roadblock adoptions and scale of your Power BI investment. Our fully managed services centralize the management and architectural support, removing the burden, so you can focus on growing your business. Gain the insight and confidence you need for security and compliance while providing a scalable package for supporting end users.

Recognized as a leader for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms, Microsoft Power BI empowers organizations to easily share and analyze data. Creating a shared development platform for an easy way to immediately find value in your data by having your entire team informed of the latest database changes.  As a managed service provider, we can manage your infrastructure and end-user systems proactively, keeping you miles ahead of the competition.

We can help you with common issues such as:

  • How can I manage requests and resolution for authorization, access and removal of access within the Power BI Service only?
  • What can be done about duplicate dataset analysis and reporting, data access reporting and data usage reporting?
  • How can we improve our end user support and get more development support?
  • How can we get better monitoring, including license usage, dataset refresh, service performance and outage notification?
  • What are our options for backups and recoveries with Power BI?

Can a big data architecture help you find patterns and meaning in your data?

If you find yourself constantly searching for answers in your data, but struggling to find any relevant patterns and insights, big data analytics could be the ideal solution for you. Big data analytics scrutinizes large amounts of data to uncover unseen patterns, connections and other insights. With today’s technology, it’s possible to analyze your data and get answers from it almost instantly – a sluggish and less efficient effort with outdated business intelligence solutions.

Let us give you the ability to work faster and with more agility by piloting and proving out a big data architecture, so that you have a competitive edge in your industry with higher profits and happier customers. Pragmatic Works can design a custom solution for scale and performance specific to your industry needs. We can connect your new big data architecture to the rest of your data estate and business while continuing to maintain and grow this connection with our managed services.

Pragmatic Works can help you with the following issues:

  • Are you struggling with understanding what big data services and solutions you should be using for your needs?
  • Is your organization searching for ways to make faster and more informed decisions?
  • Is your need to gauge customer needs and satisfaction being met?
  • Do you worry that your data is too large and diverse to gain meaningful analytics from?
  • Do you need help moving from slow batch processing to real time ingestion and analytics?

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